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The Panorama Community .

Panorama is a global community of leadership experts who have come together in order to promote a diverse perspective of leadership, foster creative thinking and to share expertise and experience for the benefit of our clients.

Our Origins

Established in 2009, the Panorama community brought together a small number of likeminded leadership services and executive search firms who wanted to create an environment of trust where they could work together, share ideas together and bring not just global capability to clients but genuinely diverse perspectives.

With experience of other global executive search firms, networks and collaborative partnerships, the founders knew what they did and did not want in Panorama. They wanted a community that wasn’t built on transactional economic principals but rather on an eagerness to share knowledge and perspective, a commitment to values driven culture and a desire to challenge each other to be even better for our clients.

Where Ambition Meets Innovative Thinking

In the subsequent years, our community of Partners has grown to 24 independently-owned businesses, in 25 countries, representing the very best in executive search and leadership services across the world. Yet crucially it has held firm to its principals of high ethical conduct, mutual trust and the highest possible standards of service for our clients. The passion, creativity and innovative thinking that was engrained in our entrepreneurial founders, percolates across our Panorama community fuelled by an ambition and genuine, honest desire to find and nurture the best possible leaders to sustain our societies and economies right across the world.

World-Class Quality

Ranked amongst the top Global Executive search and Leadership Advisory organisations, we are committed to the highest standards of performance, complimented by a commitment to diversity and inclusion that permeates our work.

We have been full members of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) from our foundation.

Our over 400 leadership experts working across Panorama, are keen to work with you on all aspects of your leadership needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our Mission .

We look at leadership with many perspectives. We share our expertise and diverse experience from around the globe to bring the best of leadership to our clients.

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How does our community work?

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A Community to share expertise and perspectives

Purpose-driven leadership prioritizes meaningful missions, positive societal impact, employee engagement, resilience, and customer loyalty, fostering a holistic approach to organizational management.

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A Community to perform global projects for our clients

Innovation management drives organizational competitiveness and growth by guiding the development and implementation of novel ideas, transforming them into tangible improvements in products, services, or processes.

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A Community to have a global approach with a local view

Workplace diversity drives creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and fosters an inclusive environment, enhancing employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention for a more productive organization.