We recommend reading our editorial in the RRHHDigital newspaper , on the importance of mentoring as a tool to manage the two fundamental axes of an organization’s strategy: “business” and “people”.

In the article, we explain that, in this moment of constant change, companies require new solutions with tools that integrate the needs for diversity, inclusion and “agile” in their people management. Autocratic management styles give way to a reality in which the digitization of processes and systems requires a new manager who brings added value and embraces the diversity and inclusion of profiles that were once believed unnecessary or were simply unknown.

Mentoring has been incorporated into organizations as a key development and commitment tool for people. However, it is now when it becomes highly relevant, being not only an option, but a necessary condition for the sustainable growth of companies. A tool that translates into “retention” of key professionals for the company, updating internal talent and transferring the vision and strategy to people critical to the organization.

Leadership style and constant learning: in business terms, mentoring ensures the organization that the professionals involved acquire the model and behaviors of the company’s leadership style. Another benefit it brings is active learning: learning-by-doing. A model of behavior based on trial-error, which allows the professional to internalize successes and failures, applying what has been learned to situations different from those generated during learning.

You can read the full article in which Pamela Parra develops these ideas in depth in: RRHHDigital
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